Hi, I’m Amber.

Intuitive Energy Artist. Psychic Medium. Comedian.

Now I know what you’re thinking. What the hell is an Intuitive Energy Artist?

Imagine, Bob Ross captured energy in pencil on paper.

Yeah, you read that right.

I draw portraits by tapping into your spiritual energy.

It’s a two-for-one-deal. You get a beautiful piece of art and an energetic selfie.

You can’t beat that.

So if you’re in the market for a portrait with an ethereal twist, I’m your gal.

Frequently Annoying Questions

To save time, just posting my answers.

  1. I’m absolutely not interested in drawing the energy of your ex’s empty promises.

  2. Definitely won’t draw the energy of the winning Powerball numbers.

  3. Actually, it’s nothing like trying to capture a unicorn with a pencil.

  4. Nope, I don’t consider myself the Picasso of the paranormal.

  5. I don’t sketch insecurities and make them look cute.

If you’re the Debbie Downer of spirituality and you wanna see the Intuitive Energy Artist diploma hanging on my wall-get in touch!

I respect that level of confidence.

Why did I create Down The Slide?

My mission is to demystify intuition with an unapologetically fun approach.

Here’s what you can expect now that I’ve manifested this blog into reality.

My first priority is to make you smile.

Thanks for subscribing and reminding me I’m a winner in your eyes.

And now what is this blog about?

Welcome home weirdos!

Welcome to Down the Slide, a digital sanctuary for the unapologetically curious where intuition meets dark humor.

We are magnificent weirdos navigating our daily lives with intuitive guidance.

Because life is too messy, unpredictable and overwhelming to rely solely on logic.

We take intuition very seriously.

No more second-guessing; we trust our guts even when they lead us down the darkest alleys.

I’ve cooked up practical intuition hacks and unconventional approaches to intuition development that you won’t stumble upon anywhere else.

Enough with the small talk.

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For the unapologetically curious where intuition meets humor.


Amber Malone

Hey! I'm Amber Malone. Intuitive Energy Artist. Psychic Medium. Comedian. I love dark humor, drawing and deep conversations about the aliens in Las Vegas.